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Earth Cap

Save the Earth: Begin with Eart Cap. We are the first in the industry to introduce EARTH CAP to make sure our product is 100% environmental friendly.

H2O Water Company cares for your health, at the same time, we also care for the health of our mother earth. Our company not only take the step to recycle, we are also the first company in California to introduce EARTH CAP to make our entire product earth friendly. You may ask, how can you claim to be environmental friendly when you are delivering your water in plastic container? Well, at H2O Water Company, we recycle and reuse our water bottle by sanitize and thoroughly clean the returning bottle inside out. When the bottle is broken down, we will personally pick up all the bottles and recycle them into new bottles. At the same time, we introduce the EARTH CAP where the material is oxobiodegradable, which means it will decompose within 5-10 years on any part of the earth soil which makes our product 100% earth friendly even if that means more cost to our company.

If we care about earth that much, you know we care about what you drink.